Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The classic DW’s interval signal is alive

Some months ago I had a very pleasant surprise while searching Deutsche Welle transmissions. After a long time, I was able to hear, in some transmissions originated from the relay stations from Kigali (Ruanda) and Trincomalee (Sri Lanka) the classic interval signal of the station before of the beginning of the broadcast. A travel in time for me.

This post is
 illustrated with the picture of the old General Electric  All Wave 8 (made in Brazil in the beginning of the decade of 1970) because it was with this radio I used to help my grandma to tune in Deutsche Welle in the middle of the decade of 1980. I just took the radio back from the repair and is still working.

This record was made on May 29, 2011, with the Grunding Yacht Boy 80, in 9.735 Khz, and brings the News report, in English, from 19h UTC. SINPO Code 34433. The transmission came from Sri Lanka. In some days I’ve tuned in in better conditions than the ones of this record. In others conditions are worse. But I think it’s a good reception, considering I’m in the South of Brazil.

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  1. Great to hear DW from Trincomalee hitting Brazil so well on your old receiver. Enjoy while it last Elmer
    Greetings from Sri Lanka