Thursday, September 22, 2011

BBC targeting Africa, but with good reception in South of Brazil

Like most of international broadcasters, BBC has reduced the shortwave transmissions in the last decade. As the station explains in its site, although there is a loyal group of listeners in the contries that have been cut from the shortwave target areas, the audience in this places doesn’t justify the high costs of the broadcasts. So, the transmissions to North America ended in 2001, to South America in 2005 and to Central America, Caribe and Europe in February 2008.

But, at least till now, BBC keeps broadcasting in shortwave to Africa, Middle East and Asia, where an important part of the population doesn’t access the new forms of content distribution, such as satellite, internet, cable or partnerships with local stations.

As the BBCs broadcasts targeting Africa usually has good reception in South of Brazil, I listened part of the transmission of the last 11 of September, when, of course, the ten years of the terrorist attacks in the USA were the central issue in the news.

In this day, something in my house was disturbing the reception. Note that in the second recording, when I took the radio and the recorder to the garden, the rumble disappears because the reception is at “open air”. Because of this kind of problem shortwave radio is losing listeners. But I keep finding fun in listening to the transmissions.

Frequency of 15.400 khz, at 18h UTC, on September 11 of 2011

parte 1

parte 2

Saturday, September 10, 2011

RNW’s team with crossed fingers, but realistic

Some time ago I’ve found the interesting podcast Euro Hit 40, in Portuguese, from Radio Netherlands, a monthly program that plays the songs that make success in Europe. I also found the English version of the program, which has a differential: a competition about music with prizes for the listeners.

I couldn’t resist and, I’ve to confess, after researching the answer for the July question on Google, participate in the quiz. Tim Fisher, the host of the program, asked the Language of Veronica Maggio’s  song “Jag Kommer”., Although for me it sounded like Dutch, it’s Swedish. Last week I received a mail informing that I was the winner. Lucky guy, don’t you think? When the prize arrives in Brazil, I’ll take a picture and publish on the blog.

 took the opportunity to question Fisher about the future of the program, considering the announcement about drastic cuts on RNW’s budget. He gave me an honest answer: “No news on the future of the Euro Hit 40 show as yet. We’re all keeping our fingers crossed, but remaining realistic too. Hope you’ll go on enjoying the show for as long as it lasts!”

In this video I’ve recorded the beginning of the program and the part in which I’m announced as the winner of the competition.