Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Clear embarrassment in DW Radio's last broadcasts

Sines relay station: closed

The embarrassment of Deutsche Welle Radio’s staff became evident in the last broadcasts on October, 29. In the last edition of the program Newslink, from the English Service, it’s possible feel the sadness in the air, with the loss of jobs from colleagues and the absence of consistent reasons to abandon the medium radio. Former moderator of Newslink, Rick Demarest, wrote, in July, that for less than 500 thousand  euro/year it could be possible keep the English audience in Canada, New Zealand, Australia and USA, where radio networks like NPR used DWs content. Read the article.

Listen to the end of last Newslink broadcast:

The sadness is also clear in the special show Contrast, from Portuguese Service for Africa, about the closing of the Sines relay station. In an honest text from reporter João Carlos, and edition of Johannes Beck, DW speaks with some of the workers that lost their jobs and don’t agree with the decision of the top board.

Listen to the story of Sines (in Portuguese) or read the text in DWs site.