Wednesday, July 4, 2012

In higher frequencies

Reception in my house is made with a small parabolic antenna

With not that much time to dedicate to the blog, I’ve been absent for some time. But I didn’t stop completely listening to radio.  A bit disappointed with the never-ending bad news about the closing of international broadcast radio services (till the Pope is abandoning the broadcast on shortwave), I’ve been surfing in higher frequencies. More specifically, listening to radio by satellite.

In Brazil, with a small KU parabolic antenna of 90 cm, it is possible to receive an interesting range of broadcasts in the Hispasat satellite, including traditional shortwave broadcasters like Radio Exterior de Espanha, Radio Habana Cuba, and Radio France International, all with high quality.

In the audio below, made on June, 14, you can listen to parts of the broadcast from Radio Exterior de Espanha, with the end of a music peace, news about the international crisis (which, as all radio fans know, is accelerating the dismantlement of international services), the weather forecast, about the interest of the station to know her listeners, and something more.

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